Nadia Nicole Lee, aka “Nicki” or better known as Nadia Nicole, is a Caribbean American, and an only child.  When she was born her parents knew that the love they had for each other was so dynamic that her dad named her “Nadia” which is also her mother’s name. At an early age, Nadia was very ambitious, and wanted to maximize her life experiences and knowledge portfolio. She began making cookies and cakes with her easy bake oven, charging her parents for a taste of her delicious “Nadia Cakes” and that was just the beginning of her journey in business.

At a quarter of a century (25 years old), Nadia Nicole has earned 3 scholastic degrees; Associate of Science: Business Administration Technical Management, Business of Science: Business Administration; Masters of Science: Cybersecurity Technology. Her motto is, “I do everything”. I am Matthew 25:16-18. The verses state, “The man who had received five bags of gold went at once and put his money to work and gained five”. Nadia believes in working smart not hard. With an eclectic vision about being a small business owner, she knows as a young black woman twenty years ago, the opportunities afforded to her today are a blessing. Her goal is to network with other individuals to give them an opportunity to purchase real estate and or market their products or services to Aidan Eel’s consumers remotely or via pop-shops and events.