Aidan Eel was founded by Nadia Nicole Lee in June 2015. We began providing hand and feet beautification-enhancement services in Washington DC Metropolitan communities. Today, the company has evolved and currently provides nail technician services, loc extension, loc enhancements, luxurious jewelry, networking liaison, and so much more nationwide. We pride ourselves in efficiently providing high-quality services and hand-crafted products.

The company’s mission is to highlight premium professionals, business owners, designers, freelancers, and more who specialize in some of the brand’s favorite specialties such as self-care, after-hours essential wear, home decor, and anything lifestyle related. Aidan Eel’s vision as a whole is a unisex and judgment-free zone.

Aidan Eel, LLC has based in the DC, MD, VA metropolitan area but we ship our products worldwide and are growing our servicing network daily.